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I'm Living the Dream... Professional Race Car Driving

Race photoI'm James Sadler and I have a Competitive dispostion and a passion for Driving cars. As in all competitions, there is a chance of loosing but I am not a sore looser. If I make a mistake I usually can brush it off quickly and move on. But no matter what, I won't give up on my dreams. One day I will drive on the Passe De Stelvio in the swiss alps in a supercar. And I want to persue the World Endurance Championship. Racing in Prototypes. I currently compete in the FIA Gran Turismo Sport Manufacture and Nations Cup. I would love to race at the 24 hours Nurburgring, 24 hours Silverstone, and 24 hours Daytona races.

I've been in love with racing since I was a little boy. I'll never forget the first time I drove a go-kart. I was very young. My father had taken my older brother and me to a kart track on the way to Madiline Island. I had so much fun! The speed. The wind blowing. The thrill of the race. Although I was young, I still remember wanting to do better, go faster. I remember wanting to win!

So I asked my brother, "How were you going so much faster than I was?" He responded, "What are you doing on the track? Are you lifting off throttle anywhere?" I answered, "I was lifting at the tightest corner." But he retorted, "You don't have to lift there!" So, the next time, I didn't. I kept my foot down the entire time and kept up with my brother. Then I showed some natural talent by keeping my foot down and overtaking my father on the outside of the corner. I earned bragging rights that day!

Race photoBut then my parents divorced and I didn't go Karting again for a long time. But my love of racing didn't end. I got to race on Sony Playstation's Gran Turismo but I never had the opportunity to compete. Later on, a friend suggested that I learn how to work on cars and then race them. So I did. I graduated second in my class at UTI in Arizona. Not long after that, they announced GT Academy. Among the roughly 1 million entrants, I finished 128th. Not high enough to get into the finals for the camp, but high enough to know that I could do this.

Then I finally got my first drive in a Formula Ford. Not a competition, but I drove as if it was! I ended up lapping most of the field in the short 15 minute sprint. I got back to the pits and the mechanic came up and exclaimed, "Dude, you drove the hell out of this car!" I never felt better about my desire and skill being closly matched. When I got back from the pits, my dad told me that he saw me taking the corners the same way that the professional driver was in the Porsche and it was something he believed I could do. That was a rare compliment from my dad.

So a few small events in Minnesota where I grew up, constant practice on various simulators, and a strong desire to succeed fuel my passion in racing. This along with a talent for driving, and a gift to learn extremly quickly, set me apart from most. Which solidifies my future in motorsport.


Mr and Mrs SadlerWhat do I do when I'm not racing? A few years ago I was lucky enough to meet the woman of my dreams and she agreed to make me to happiest man alive. We've recently expanded our family with our first child. Our son is an absolute blessing. Thank you, Mrs. Sadler!

When I'm not racing, I can still be found competeing. I play board games on the weekends and play to win. My current favorite board game to play is Scythe.

Musically I have broad tastes. I really enjoy listening to anything I can Drive fast to. But I have a really open mind to various genres. For music, I've played many different instruments since I was young. Some of my musical talents include the Piano, Trumpet, Guitar, French Horn, and Flute. I've also sung in choirs.

I also have a love of languages. I've stuied French, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Kannada and Hindi. I dont currently speak them very well but I dont think it would take much to turn it back on.

Being a big fan of driving and cars, I really enjoy the Fast and the Furious movie series. In the Fast Five, the story is more fleshed out as a hiest movie with driving. Rush is an entertaining movie about Formula 1 racing. I also like every James Bond movie for the cars and toys. The cars themselves are a culmination of lots of different developed technology.

I can push myself very far and have surprised poeple with how much strength I have in myself. Its always a fun thing to show someone that underestimates you that your more capable then what they percieve on the first impression. I am learning new stuff all the time and hope that my development continues life long. I want to inspire others that they can persue thier dreams and it doesnt matter when you start, it matters how much effort you put into it from that starting point.